Watches – Find Unique, Stylish, Ever Lasting Fashion Accessories!

One fashion accessory which has always been in vogue is the watches, from the era when watches where attached to a chain and kept in a pocket, till watches became a wrist accessory and a fashion statement. Watches have stood against onslaught of a lot of fashion and electronic gadgetry to emerge the overall winner.

The reason is the watches are flexible, you can make a watch to look formal as well as it will look stylish, a watch can be used as a bling, or style statements which will help you boast of your financial and social status. Watches are available for each occasion.

Buy diamond studded watch, to help you stand out at any fashion occasion, it will make you most famous at any party a diamond studded watch will add to the charm and also help you show off your achievements. You can use watches as a part of jewelry, adding a pearl wrist band or silver or gold chain with diamonds embedded will help you maintain a bracelet look in addition to the utility provided by the watch.

You can even use the watch to make it match with the regular office wear, you will also get the satisfaction of wearing something new each day. The range of watches available is huge today, from designer watches to regular watches you can choose and pick. Designer watches too are available at an affordable range, you can find these with huge discounts at online stores which deal specifically with the watches.

Price range amongst watches is huge too, you can find yourself really inexpensive and durable ones, or else choose something special for each day if you can afford one. Choosing a watch can be tricky but your instinct and fashion sense will guide you towards the perfect one.

Wearing a watch is an art, you can wear the one which matches perfectly, or the ones which is completely opposite to the color you are wearing but does match the mood, most of the times this fashion does make it possible for you to get noticed.

Electronic watches with light systems have made watches extremely practical, you can arm yourself with the watch and go for that daring time in the dark, you can check out time in simple numbers instead of having to analyze the hand pointers of the watch.

Watches for kids are something the kids and you will love, decorated with cartoon characters and really colorful will catch any child’s fancy. You can also use watches to teach them about time and the importance of time.

Men’s watches too have a huge range, you can set the mood by wearing a rugged watch or something really classy for the corporate party, you can impress your girlfriend by wearing something expensive, stylish and novel or else you can also wear something smart but quiet so that all you can see in a watch is time. For adventure and sports loving people the watches are available which are water proof and weather proof, you can use the watch wherever you go.

So suit yourself with cool, stylish or great watches on your wrist, which help you get noticed and find fashion.

Fashion That Hurts And Kills

Is fashion all glitz and glamour? Is it worth to spend thousands of dollars just to don the latest clothes, shoes, bags and accessories? What’s the flip side to being ‘chic and cool’, die-hard fashion aficionado? Is there more to the latest trends that meet the eye?

Whether its jeans, sweaters or skirts; pants, dresses or shirts; coats, jackets or suits; lace, leather or fur, we are constantly bombarded with glossy images of fashion every time we click on the t.v or flick through a magazine.

But the sad reality is that what become of this mad pursuit is not happiness but anorexia nervosa, depression, low-self esteem and a host of problems that affect our health and well-being.

While it is fair to say that individuals are responsible for their own actions, we should not underestimate the powerful impact of prevailing images by the fashion industry.

Through the various media, we are feasted daily with images of the so-called ideal lifestyle, which dictates for us how we should look, think and act. Failure to conform to this trend will make you be seen as a ‘dork’, ‘square’, ‘ugly Betty’, old-fashion and lacking in taste.

The result of this is the complete subjugation of our minds into acceptance of such unrealistic iconic roles without any questions.

Fashion is, without doubt, not really a reflection of consumer taste. It strips us off the power to be ourselves. We are told what to buy, what dress to wear, what shoes to walk in, what bag to carry, what accessories to show off.

The fashion industry thus make us helpless and at their mercy. It does NOT represent reality. Instead it conjures unashamed visual images of:-

- Luxurious and expensive clothes and accessories which are exclusively only the rich and famous that could afford.

- Stereotyped clothes which project women as vain, vulnerable and weaklings – mere objects of seduction.

- Outrageous styles which not only hurt, but also hinder women’s movements and mobility.

- Outlandish clothes which are just not practical for daily wear (eg: feathered skirts, bushy hats etc).

- Silly creations and trends that will make you look like a human freak.